Our goal is to create films that change the world
Briefly about us
  • We are embodying our talents and experience in filmmaking for the vast audience since 2013.
  • A well-told story, the emotions of viewers, quality in detail is what we value most in our work.
  • The main areas of activity are the production and distribution of feature, documentary and short films.
Maria Keil founded BIG HAND FILMS company
In the beginning, the company produced commercial videos, short movies, music videos and cinema distribution
Distributes feature films "Lost City" and "On The Other Side"
Distribution of the documentary full-length film "Crimea, How It Was"
Gradually added new directions: the production of full-length feature films, post-production, the search for investors to produce new films
Release of the feature film "Adventures of S Nickolas" and its promotion.
Today, the main areas of activity are the creation and promotion of feature, documentary and short films.
We make the world better and it's just the beginning.
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