2018 | Comedy | 80min


The 2nd-grade pupil with his elder sister has to beat the villain in Saint Nicholas's outfit to meet the real Saint.

  • On the Saint Nicholas's Day eve, 2nd-grade pupil Artem with his elder sister and parents are forced to move from the city to the small house in the Carpathian mountains. The Vasylenko family are experiencing difficulties: the father is fired, children do not go along, besides, the father breaks his arm and mother takes him to the hospital. When children find themselves at home alone, Saint Nicholas appears. In fact, it is the criminal called “Boar“. He escaped from the police and took away true Nicholas's clothes. To save the holiday, children have to pull together and show their courage and savvy.

Year: 2018

Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Family film

Duration: 80min

Author of the script: Anton Bazelinskiy
Director: Semene Gorov
Director of photography: Oleksii Stepanov
Art director : Vitaliy Yasko
Costume designer: Lesya Patoka
Composer: Yurii Grom
Editor: Volodymyr Senchenko
Producer: Maria Keil
Executive producer: Maria Donchyk
Production: BIG HAND FILMS Ltd. with support Ukrainian state film agency
In roles: Masha Yefrosinina Vasyl Virastiuk Grigoriy Bokovchenko Przhemyslaw Tzipriankiy Maksym Luchak Ivanna Boroday Andrey Kronglevksy Vitalii Azhnov Vyacheslav Rak Tetiana Lavrushko
Photos from the movie
Photo from the shooting