2019 | Drama


A computer programmer goes from the capital city to the east to take his mother, who lives in the zone of engagement to Kiev

  • Computer programmer Matvey lives in Kyiv with his wife and son. His mother left in his home village in the east of Ukraine near the engagement zone. One day, on his way back from work, Matvey gets known that his neighbor’s dog was killed during intensive shelling. The next morning without any hesitation, he sets off to his “home“ on the east, to take away his mother from dangerous area to the capital. But mother doesn’t want to leave her habitation, however, scrumbles under son’s persuasion and agrees to move only for the good of her grandson to help his education. In Kiev, she realizes Denis has no problem with his study, moreover, he is at the summer camp. Having spent one night, she returns back home. She is sincerely convinced: “If we all go, no Ukraine will remain there“

Year: 2019

Genre: Short movie, Drama

Author: Artem Bazelinskiy
Director: Dmytro Avdeyev
Producer: Maria Keil
Director of photography: Dmytro Nedria
Composer: Yurii Grom
Production: BIG HAND FILMS Ltd. with support Ministry of Culture
In roles: Roman Lutzkiy Larisa Andreyeva Daryna Polunina Olena Khokhlatkina Yevhen Lebedyn
Photos from the movie
Photo from the shooting