2015 | Fiction thriller | 97min


Two people apply to stalker-scavenger for help. They need to get to the lost city, and he is the only one who knows the safe way there…

  • The mysterious story about parallel worlds. In consequence of the scientist’s experiment with atomic energy, the whole city disappears. Rescuers are sent there but no one returns. The anomaly territory is isolated with barbed wire and the scientist is convicted. Many years later, destiny pulls three strangers together. Released scientist, dreamy stalker-scavenger, and woman who lost her family. Together, they go to the lost city, and each of them has a strong reason. In fact, the city exists in a parallel world, or in their subconscious.

Year: 2015

Genre: Adventures, Drama, Thriller

Duration: 97min

Director: Vitalii Potrukh
Scriptwriter: Vitalii Potrukh
Producer: Igor Stavchanskiy
Distribution: BIG HAND FILMS Ltd.
In roles: Andrii Dzhedzhula Serhiy Romaniuk Iryna Novak Valerii Legin Dmytro Lynartovich Yevhen Kaporin Kostiantyn Linartovych Oleksiy Kolesnyk Mark Drobot
Photo from the shooting