2015 | Mystic | 84min


Having survived clinical death, young teacher obtained supernatural power to see places where horrible crimes were committed.

  • Young teacher Iryna is saved by a miracle after an accident. She has survived a clinical death. That meeting with death totally changes her. She obtained supernatural power. In her visions, she sees places where horrible crimes were committed. The new gift erases the border between life and death, reality and dreams, truth and lies. That is going to change the life of the city and Iryna herself.

Year: 2015

Genre: Mystic, Detective, Thriller

Duration: 84min

Scriptwriter: Oleksandr Lytvenenko
Director: Oleksandr Lytvenenko
Camera Operator: Yevhen Gubrenko
Composer: Dmytro Monatik
Editor: Oleksandr Podoprygora
Producer: Yevhenii Lytvynenko Oleksandr Lytvynenko Igor Perebilenko
Distribution: BIG HAND FILMS Ltd.
In roles: Polina Jakayeva Irina Shut Roman Mitsuta Ivan Shevchuk Vasyl Rusanov Artyom Litvinenko Vitaliy Kuzmenko
Photo from the shooting